The Nirvana Story

Yep! Nirvana Beer Co. is producing great tasting craft beers with a difference…

What's that you say? You're brewing a range of alcohol free beers? That’s the question everyone's asking us…

Knowing all too well how non-alcoholic beers were renowned for being dull, lacking in taste and variety, Nirvana decided to take on the challenge of making a great range of low/ and non-alcoholic beers to change that perception or revolutionise the market. Being dedicated craft beer fans, our main focus is on quality.

We’re a traditional brewery that use our advanced brewing knowledge and technology to make flavoursome alternatives without compromising on good ingredients or taste. So, whether you’re feeling a Pale ale, Lager, Stout or IPA, Nirvana has the perfect brew.

If you're a craft beer fan looking for a lighter alternative, cutting back for health reasons or your turn to drive, say goodbye to tasteless low/ and non-alcoholic beer, and hello Nirvana... Let’s take your taste buds for a ride!!!