Nirvana Brewery's New Look

If you’ve landed on our website or social media today, you may have noticed that we’re looking pretty different. We’re proud as punch to unveil the new look Nirvana Brewery. Here we tell you more about this exciting new chapter we’re entering and what new things are coming your way.

Our Inspiration

Nirvana Brewery started out of a love of great beer. There’s nothing quite like sharing a beer; it brings people together, and our founder Becky’s family is no different. But when her father Jim went teetotal, he suddenly felt left out at family gatherings and missed discussions about the latest, greatest beers the family were drinking. Alcohol-free beers just weren’t cutting it – remember this was back in 2014 when there wasn’t so much fantastic choice! Becky stepped in and decided to take matters into her own hands and create a full-flavoured range of ales.

For us, Nirvana means finding your perfect state. Doing things your way and savouring each moment on your own journey.

Skip ahead to 2019, and now loads of folks are enjoying Nirvana beers together; sharing good times with others, booze or no booze. So we decided that our brand should tell this story of our inspiration for starting our journey, and considered what alcohol-free beer really means to us; great beer that includes everyone. For us, Nirvana means finding your perfect state. Doing things your way and savouring each moment on your own journey.

Our Look

We’ve made big changes behind the scenes, as well as on our website, social media and on packaging too.

Alcohol-free beer bottle lineup.png

We wanted to show off our name proud and clear and let Nirvana Brewery take centre stage on our bottles. Our new look shows off the simplicity of the natural ingredients that are in our beers, including hops, barley, and that all important water and sunshine that helps them grow. The road signifies the journey that we’re all on to find our own version of ‘Nirvana’ and what that means to us. And we hope our beer is a part of that enjoyment of life for the folks who drink it.

Finally, we wanted make it easier for beer lovers to choose their favourite style from our extensive range of lovingly crafted ales. Whilst the previous beer names were popular, and many like Karma and Mantra were familiar to most people, others were confusing and subject to many mistakes! (See Ananda – we’ve heard it all; Nandana, Nanda, Andana, Andara…the list goes on!) so we decided to strip it back and go simple with beer styles and descriptors to help people make an easy decision about which style they want to drink.

The result is - we hope you'll agree - capturing the elements that we all love about the Nirvana brand; bold, eye-catching colours, our distinctive logo and most importantly, the same delicious alcohol-free beer inside the bottle.

Our Future

We’ve got big plans for the future of Nirvana Brewery as we continue to push the boundaries of alcohol-free beer, as well as another exciting announcement coming after the summer. If you can’t wait that long, we’ll be hitting the road in the coming months sharing the Nirvana dream. Come and see us at:

Thanks to everyone for joining us on our journey so far and being a part of the growing movement of folks letting the good times last without the booze. We’re grateful to be a part of your journey. Watch this space for more updates soon!


Becky KeanComment