Nirvana Lager has landed!

lager small2.png

After launching our new look earlier on this year, we’re so proud to finally reveal another secret we’ve been working on behind the scenes; today we’re welcoming a new beer to the Nirvana family.

Say hello to Bavarian Helles Lager!

Our mission has always been to produce a full-flavoured range of ales to help everyone feel included. But one popular beer style was missing from our line-up. Here’s where our new release comes in.

It pours golden in colour, offering drinkers pleasant biscuit notes from the malts, balanced with subtle Hallertauer hops giving a gentle nectar finish.

Our flagship lager is crisp, clean and immaculately balanced, standing head and shoulders above the rest.

Launching just in time for Sober October, our Bavarian Helles Lager is now available on our online shop. Give it a try today!


Becky Kean