What Does Organic Mean?

As the year speeds by, we find ourselves in September already.  Along with new beginnings, it also means the start of Organic September! 

Every year, the Soil Association (the organic accrediting body in the UK) runs a month-long campaign to highlight what organic produce is and encourage more people to try to choose organic. In this blog post, we delve a little deeper into organic, why we produce an organic alcohol-free beer and everything in between.

What Does ‘Organic’ Mean?

There are many definitions out there, but when it comes to food and farming, it means that it was “made without the use of chemical fertilisers, pesticides, or other artificial chemicals.” In terms of animal produce, it means that the animals are always free-range and free from antibiotics. 

It’s worth pointing out here, all of our beers are vegan so we don’t use any animal, or animal-derived products.

Why Choose Organic Produce?

To many, ‘organic’ means more than the description above though; it means sustainability for us as individuals, and sustainability for our planet too. This September the Soil Association are encouraging “more people to try organic as a way to promote and educate people about organic food & farming practices.“ 

Many people choose organic as it means your food is traceable all the way back to the farm, and also means it’s gone through rigorous testing and high standards to gain its organic certification. That certification tells you that the product is free from artificial chemicals, pesticides, antibiotics and genetically-modified ingredients. 

In the case of our Organic Pale Ale, we use organic British malts and organic First Gold hops to give the beer its signature spicy, tangerine notes and gentle toffee finish.

How Do You Know Something is Organic?

The EU Organic Logo

The EU Organic Logo

In the UK, the Soil Association is the body that certifies produce as organic, such as our Organic Pale Ale. Across the whole of the EU, you can look out for organic produce by checking the label for the EU organic logo, pictured to the right

Why We Chose to Make an Organic Alcohol-free Beer

Nirvana started out of a desire to help everyone feel included. When Co-founder Becky’s dad gave up drinking, he felt left out when it came to the family of beer lovers sharing their latest and favourite brews. Becky decided to take matters into her own hands and produce a range of alcohol-free beers to suit every taste.

Being inclusive of those who follow a vegan diet was really important to us from the start, as Becky comes from a family of veggies and vegans. We also wanted to ensure that people who choose to stick to organic produce didn’t have to compromise on their values when choosing not to drink alcohol, so we worked hard to gain organic certification for one of the pale ales in our range. We also have a gluten-free stout for those who cannot have gluten in their diet.

What Can You Do to Introduce More Organic Produce?

You can make simple organic swaps in your regular food shop, your wardrobe or even in the cosmetics you use! Here are some swap ideas:

And if you’re choosing to stay off the booze for whatever reason, but still want an organic product, you can buy our alcohol-free Organic Pale Ale on our online shop. The more people who are interested in our organic beer, the more we can look at producing other organic products!

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